Dec 07

Jogging not Slogging


A jogger passed me as I walked around the marina. Her arms were glued to her sides, one shoulder swinging more than the other. This was twisting her spine and putting strain on her lower back. As she disappeared around a bend in the path, I could visualise the problems she was storing up for the future.

To monitor your own technique, ask a friend to watch you as you walk, jog or run and ask yourself these questions:-

Are you running tall, eyes looking towards  a target in the near distance or is your head down, eyes glued to the ground in front of you?

Are your shoulders relaxed or hunched up around your ears, perhaps one higher than the other?

Do you swing your arms freely from the shoulder joints or do the shoulders roll unevenly forwards and back?

Is your body leaning forward from the hip joints ahead of your legs or are you upright inclining forward from the ankle joints?

Listen to the rhythm of your steps. Is it even or is one foot hitting the ground more heavily than the other?


There are other points to check but these are a start and they apply whether you are walking, jogging or running.

You can follow up by reading ‘The Art of Running’ by Malcolm Balk (a runner  and Alexander Technique teacher).

Or take a course on  Chi running given by Catherina McKiernan ( She focuses on body alignment and technique and I really enjoyed her course that I attended recently.

Or go for a one to one lesson with an Alexander Technique teacher who can check out your technique and offer advice. Go to or for a list of teachers in your area.

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