Apr 18

Cranio-sacral therapy

Thank goodness for cranio-sacral therapists! Last week I cracked a tooth and saw my dentist for some emergency treatment. Forty five minutes and four injections later my tooth had a temporary dressing. But my jaw ached as the anaesthetic wore off and, unusually I was having headaches. Luckily I already had a session booked with my cranio-sacral therapist. She […]

Apr 16

Dancers, knees and turn-out.

Sometimes dancers come for Alexander Technique sessions with painful knee problems and flattened arches. Paul Blakey’s ‘The Muscle Book’ is a small but very useful anatomy book for dancers (and others). On page 31 which features the Posterior Tibial muscle, he says ‘Turning out the feet from the ankles rather than the knees causes this muscle to […]

Apr 09

Mums and mums-to-be.

There are two articles on-line at the moment of interest to parents. Go to to the Irish Childbirth Society’s newsletter Spring 2013 edition to read Veronique Druesne’s account of how the Alexander Technique helped her with postural pains and RSI on page nine. Entitled ‘Why I Love Alexander Technique’,  she says she benefited so much she went on to […]

Apr 07

Introducing children to the Alexander Technique

Following the talk that I gave as part of the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival, I’ve had requests for a book list (mainly from those who couldn’t attend on the day). ‘Playing with Posture’ by Sue Holladay published by HITE ‘Edukindness’ by Sue Merry and Judith Kleinman ‘The Labyrinth of Gar’ by Sue Merry […]

Apr 03

Older People helped by Alexander Technique

In a recent article in the Health supplement of the Irish Times (by Sylvia Thompson) Glenna Batson talked about her preliminary studies on the beneficial effects of the Alexander Technique on older people. You can read the article by following the link below. It’s quite exciting to think that the stooped posture and uncertain gait we associate […]

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