Mar 15

M.E./CFS and an Alexander Teacher’s Viewpoint

This is taken from Interaction issue no. 22 1996 and expresses the Alexander teacher’s view (Andrea McLaughlin). The Alexander Technique and CFS by Helen C McCorry and Andrea McLaughlin Part 2 The Teacher’s View In the last issue of Interaction, Helen McCorry described how the Alexander Technique helped her to feel lighter, to move more easily […]

Mar 13

M.E./CFS and the Alexander Technique

I am sometimes asked to run a series of workshops in the Alexander Technique for M.E./CFS sufferers by the Irish ME Trust. While researching the topic, I came across an article in an old edition of ‘Interaction’ , no.21 Summer 1996. The client, Helen McCorry, describes how she thought applying the Alexander Technique helped her. The […]

Mar 13

Sit up and strengthen core muscles.

Always read David Higgins column in the Evening Standard. (He co-founded TenPilates, ) This week he talks about remembering to sit on your sit bones even when not in the gym. It’s important to maintain good posture and not give into “prolonged slump sitting” which as well as increasing “pressure on our lumbar discs”, leading […]

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