Feb 13

Marathons and fitness.

Just read Dr Christian Jessen’s column in the Evening Standard (9/02/11). ‘Every year around this time several of my habitually unfit patients march in to my clinic and proudly announce that they have decided to do the London marathon to get fit. My heart sinks. Running the marathon will not make them healthy. It will […]

Feb 10

Stammering and Alexander Technique

‘The King’s Speech’ has given publicity to the problems of stammerers. F M Alexander was also able to help stammerers in his time and case studies feature in his books, notably ‘The Use of the Self’.

Feb 10

Tinnitus and Alexander Technique

Go to if you want to find out how the Alexander Technique can help those suffering from Tinnitus. It’s one of those therapies which helps sufferers to relax and not focus on the noises.

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