Jan 19

Swimming and Alexander Technique

Megan Sheppard  put her spotlight on ‘Resolve to Swim’ in the Feelgood section of the Irish Examiner, 7 Jan ’11. So I did! Every time I slide into the pool I’m reminded of all my Alexander thinking. For those of you having difficulties in the water, I recommend ‘The Art of Swimming’ by Steven Shaw. […]

Jan 18

Posture and Self-esteem

Interesting article in the Economist, The Power of Posture: How you hold yourself affects how you view yourself’. Read the article online using link below:- Depressed and unhappy people are recognisable by their collapsed  demeanour. Happy children are upright and bouncy. My actor pupils certainly know that high status characters or ‘authority’ figures have […]

Jan 17

Scoliosis and Alexander Technique

There is a chapter on Scoliosis in Deborah Caplan’s book, ‘Back Trouble’. She gives details of how the Alexander Technique can help and includes some case studies. Here is an excerpt; ‘If you have scoliosis, the Alexander Technique can teach you how to use your back in a way that keeps it strong and as well balanced as […]

Jan 13

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Recommended reading for pregnant women who know or want to know how the Alexander Technique can help with their back pain, sciatica, aching shoulders or neck: ‘Pregnancy and Birth: The Alexander Way’ by Ilana Machover. I’d bought the 1993 version to study when some of my clients became pregnant. Little did I think I would […]

Jan 13

Pregnancy and Alexander Technique

Here are some extracts from an article a client of mine wrote about how she thought the Alexander Technique helped her when she was pregnant. For a copy of the whole article, e-mail a request to me via the contact form on my website. “I started learning the Alexander Technique a few weeks before I became […]

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