Sep 27

Granny knows best

During Positive Ageing Week, Granny is going to share some of her top ten tips with us. How do you tie your shoe laces, Granny? I don’t favour the one leg up on a chair method. I might fall over. I sit on a step near the bottom of the stairs and then bend over. […]

Sep 27

Walk your way to postural fitness.

Most of us think that fitness and good posture are two unrelated things. Not so and now science can tell us why. At the University of Michigan, reseachers explain why we swing our arms when we walk. Swinging the arms reduces the torques or twisting movements required to counter the inertia of our legs. In […]

Sep 27

Positive Ageing

Nothing ages you as much as a rounded posture, eyes fixed on the ground as you shuffle along. The opposite extreme where you hold your chin up, and pull your shoulders back like a soldier makes you look ridiculous. There is a middle ground. Think of a golden string going upwards from the crown of […]

Sep 27

Even action men need to rest.

Richard Armitage, star of  ‘Spooks’ tells all. Have a look at this link to see how an ‘action hero’ copes with his heavy schedule. To us everyday types actors and movie stars seem to have a laid back and glamourous lifestyle but it’s hard work creating those imaginary worlds for our entertainment.

Sep 20

What makes a good dancer?

Go to to see an interesting study of how to throw shapes on the dance floor. Of course it is all to do with alignment and posture. Now I know what my dance teacher had been trying to tell me all those years ago. She was trained by a pupil of Laban’s and has written […]

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