Oct 08

Migraine; how the Alexander Technique can help

As an Alexander Technique teacher, I recently attended a talk  in Cork given by the MIGRAINE ASSOCIATION OF IRELAND. You can access their website for details of upcoming talks around the country. I was there (along with other complementary therapists) answering questions and giving out information on how the Alexander Technique can help those suffering […]

Oct 03

Parkinsons; how the Alexander Technique can help.

You can read about Chloe Stallibrass, a qualified Alexander teacher, and her work with those diagnosed with Parkinsons at Here is an extract from her website:- ‘Benefits for Parkinsons Sufferers. ….The Alexander Technique help because it teaches you to use mental strategies and approaches rather than simple strength to improve balance and movement. people with […]

Sep 30

Develop Teacher Presence in Class

How to develop teacher presence and command attention in class. ‘Whatever their personal style, all teachers are performers and the classroom is their stage. But success can depend on the kind of show they put on.’ To read the rest of the article follow the link: Using the principles of the Alexander Technique can […]

Feb 08

Wrist , hand and finger stretching sequence

DSCF0374 View this short video to see the sequence of wrist, hand and finger stretches. Step by step instructions:- Bring the hands together in prayer, Open the hands like a book, Turn the hands back to back, Point both hands to the heart, Point both hands to the ground Point both hands away from you, […]

Feb 01

Alexander Rest Position

ALEXANDER REST POSITION Make time daily to lie down in the semi-supine position. This facilitates the release of tension and the re-alignment of the body, with consequently an improvement in posture and well being. Find a carpeted wooden floor to lie on. If there is concrete under the carpet or the floor is bare wood, […]

Dec 07

Jogging not Slogging

A jogger passed me as I walked around the marina. Her arms were glued to her sides, one shoulder swinging more than the other. This was twisting her spine and putting strain on her lower back. As she disappeared around a bend in the path, I could visualise the problems she was storing up for […]

Dec 01

Coping with Sciatica

COPING with SCIATICA Sitting- Avoid sitting on hard and/or cold surfaces. These can aggravate an inflamed nerve or cause painful muscle spasm. A posture wedge on your computer chair or car seat will prevent the pelvis tilting backwards and causing stiffness.  Remember to release tension from the leg muscles. Allow the weight of the leg […]

May 03

Vary exercise routine for best results.

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with George Hook but here’s an anecdote from one of his articles featured in the Cork News. ….The first time I encountered the law of diminishing returns was in the gym. I was a young rugby player bursting with enthusiasm and I had figured out that the best […]

Oct 02

Nervousness, shyness, anxiety, stage fright

On RTE’s ‘Nationwide’ programme broadcast on Friday 27th September 2013, Jimmy MacCarthy in his interview said that though he had been cripplingly shy, “I can perform without a problem now.” He attributed this to his experience of the Alexander Technique. I also had the same experience shortly after starting Alexander lessons. As well as resolving […]

Sep 16

Sitting down all day might not be that good for you! This article summarises the latest research which suggests that standing up to work instead of sitting down at a desk all day might have unexpected health benefits. “…Sloth is rampant in the rich world. A typical car-driving, television-watching cubicle slave would have to walk an extra 19km a day to match the physical activity […]

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